Notable Events

DuerOS was launched at Baidu World Conference by Robin Li in September 2015.



DuerOS works with Elvis to deliver Elvis Radiooo smart speakers

On August  6, Elvis 2017 radio Easter held in Beijing, DuerOS and Elvis officially reached cooperation, DuerOS will be able to Elvis Radiooo smart speakers, to create new standards in the field of intelligent speakers.


Equipped with DuerOS Lenovo TV 65i3 online upgrade, "do not move hands" era coming

From August 4th onwards, equipped with DuerOS Lenovo TV 65i3 has achieved online upgrade, users can easily control the functions of television through voice commands, watching TV "do not move hands" era of real arrival.


DuerOS work with pole meters to release the pole laser non screen TV

In July 25, in the polar laser non screen television conference site, equipped with DuerOS's "pole laser", "no screen TV", "T1", "A1 Pro", "A1", and officially released.


DuerOS join the United States, the release of the United States intelligent voic

In July 8th, on the third day of the Baidu AI developer conference, DuerOS joined hands with the United States to officially release its smart voice box (commonly known as candy boxes).


Release DuerOS open platform for intelligent devices to give human language abil

In July 5th, at the "Baidu AI Developer Conference" held in Beijing, the official release of the DuerOS open platform, hoping to awaken all things through open empowerment.


The unveiling of HTC U11 that was equipped with DuerOS.

On May 17, 2017, the HTC U11 mobile phone equipped with DuerOS was officially released. The smart voice assistant can accurately identify Chinese speech and provide various convenient and practical services, such as lifestyle service, information search, and others. 


Open collaboration for a smarter future

At the 2017 AI + Mobile Media Conference, Jing Kun, the general manager of the Duer BU, shared that he wishes to open Baidu's technology to empower partners, allowing every partner's device to have conversational capability. 


DuerOS partnered with Ainemo to launch a personal home robot that's equipped wit

In 2017, Baidu DuerOS and Ainemo announced the release of “Xiaoyu”, a home robot with a display screen that's equipped with DuerOS. This robot allows users to remotely operate their cellphones and make free video calls within 10 meters of the system. Also, it has the same functions as a tablet or PC. 


DuerOS collaborated with Harman International.

At the 17th Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition in 2017, Baidu DuerOS and Harman International announced their collaboration to develop new AI solutions for Chinese car manufacturers. 


DuerOS intelligent chip was officially launched.

At the presentation of strategic cooperation of Baidu Wanwuyu and DuerOS Smart Chip, Baidu issued the first smart chip carrying the DuerOS dialog-mode AI operating system and announced cooperation with Unigroup Spreadtrum & RDA.   


DuerOS announced the strategic cooperation with Lenovo.

At the Lenovo Innovation Conference 2017, Nanchang station, Duer and Lenovo announced their strategic partnership to develop a smart speaker, remote control and more . The partnership wishes to establish an AI+ smart home. 


DuerOS cooperated with Haier and Midea to develop smart refrigerators.

At the 2017 Appliance & Electronics World Expo (AWE), DuerOS, Haier and Midea reached strategic cooperation to open the market for smart home appliances. 


DuerOS trembled the world at the MWC.

DuerOS appeared first at the 2017 MWC (Mobile World Congress), then, followed by the announcement of the strategic partnership with VIVO to develop mobile phones in Mainland China.


DuerOS was awarded the "most potential product" at the Geekpark GIF conference.

At the Geekpark GIF conference 2017, DuerOS was awarded the "most potential product."


DuerOS was officially released at the CES.

At the 2017 CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), a dialog-mode AI operating system--DuerOS was officially released. And DuerOS and Ainemo  reached strategic cooperation and drove the age of dialog-mode AI operating system. 



Duer worked together with Guoan Broadcom Network to establish internet + broadca

On December 21, 2016, Duer and Guoan Broadcom Network reached strategic cooperation. AIT home makes smart television STB of 50 million users available for interactive experience of upgraded voice conversation. 


At the 1st birthday of Duer, remarkable achievements are made.

In September 2016, when Duer celebrated its first birthday, Robin Li cited The Analects of Confucius to express his expectation for Duer--being diligent, bookish, and percipient. 


Duer acted as the first AI robot commentator in the Rio Olympic Games.

During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Duer acted as the first AI robot commentator in the Rio Olympic Games. It narrated several basketball games for audiences and worked together with Yang Yi, a professional commentator, to live stream coverage. 


Following Duer VR to travel Rio

Duer integrates AI and VR technology to risk Rio and enjoy Brazilian customs at home. 


One-stop service for the college entrance examination and college aspiration bas

During the college entrance examination in 2016, Duer provided services for nearly 5 million examinees and parents, and responded to more than 30 million service requests.


Duer was introduced to KFC and acted as smart waiter.

In April 2016, Duer was hired as a smart waiter by KFC original + intelligence concept store in Shanghai and served customers through voice-interaction. 



First Appearance of Duer

Duer, Baidu's intelligent personal assistant, was first introduced by Robin Li, the Chairman and CEO of Baidu, at the 2015 Baidu World Conference. This marks the  beginning of Duer, the robotic assistant.