Who We Are

DuerOS is Baidu's conversational AI platform which empowers every device to be able to interact with users with natural languages.

About Us

Baidu Duer Business Unit (BU) was established in February 2017 It is an independent team built from the original Duer Team The Duer BU team is fully responsible for the technology and product innovation of DuerOS, which is a key component of Baidu s AI strategy In June 2017, Duer BU founded a R&D team in Silicon Valley to continually support the research and deployment of conversational technologies Currently at Baidu, more than 2,000 researchers and engineers across the US and China are working collaboratively to advance AI to the next frontier

At the Baidu World Conference in 2015, Baidu's Duer team introduced the Duer app, a mobile based virtual AI assistant. Through simple and effective voice interaction, the app satisfies varying needs for every user. After more than 1 year of hard work and fine-tuning, DuerOS, the first conversational artificial intelligence system, was revealed at CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in January 2017.

DuerOS possesses conversational skills in 10 major domains and over 200 sub-domains, allowing users to use natural language to perform tasks such as searching for information, checking traffic conditions, getting weather updates and more. Baidu Duer BU has created a new solution of the smart voice system--Turnkey Solution. This solution will help provide backend support for manufacturers to speedup the enterprise demand for AI integration.

As an open operating system, DuerOS has released an open platform, built a voice ecosystem, and also provided support for third party integration. Now, DuerOS has reached strategic cooperation with several enterprises at home and abroad. As the platform continues to develop, DuerOS will invite more partners in the future to combine technology and push the boundaries of current products and applications.

In the future, Baidu Duer BU will continue to explore smart voice-interaction, reduce the cost of production for AI products, and increase development efficiency. Baidu will work with business partners to accelerate the integration of the AI and motivate industrial advancement in order to create a more intelligent and convenient life for our users.