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DuerOS smart automobile unit solution is customized with voice solutions specifically for vehicle-mounted ancillary equipment, vehicle-mounted navigation, smart rearview mirror, automobile data recorder, and others.

It provides solutions for the current inaccurate voice interactions users experience with vehicles on the market today. It can help solve problems such as: inaccurate voice recognitions, inaccurate voice replies, inconvenient operations etc. This solution focuses on the following four voice interaction functions for customers:

1. Navigation and road conditions: use voice to conduct navigation search, find real-time location, surrounding area check, and road conditions.

2. Entertainment information: play music, choose a song, tune to FM, retrieve audio news, etc.

3. Information search: answering/making telephone calls, car plate restrictioin notification, weather forecast, flight schedule, set alarm clock .

4. Automobile control: control air conditioner, turning on or off headlights, open or close windows, request seat-alignment, and check in-vehicle conditions.

These functions can enable users to fully enjoy the driving experience and allow users to pay more attention to the road. With these capabilities, partners can be more focused on developing a smarter vehicle for the new internet era instead of focusing on building the technology from scratch.


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