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The DuerOS intelligent robot solution is customized for intelligent robots equipped with the Android or Linux system. It can provide solutions to problems such as inaccurate speech and command processing, delays in functional message processing, inability to complete assigned tasks, and more. Users can use multiple methods like speech and image to interact with the device. It offers five main functions.

1. Chat and companionship: enable robot to understand any verbal expression, have multiple types of interactions, and understand the user’s intent. Users can create a robot that provides companionship and becomes a chat buddy. No matter if you are lonely, bored, sad, stressed, or vulnerable, you can rely on the robot to support you.

2. Information search: leveraging Baidu’s vast database, it satisfies various of your needs in a timely fashion using voice. The rich and up-to-date database satisfies your needs in poetry search, currency exchange rate and more.

3. Application control: using voice, not only can you control different functions of robots but also various smart appliances (refrigerator, television, air conditioner, lamp switch, and portable devices) that are equipped with DuerOS.

4. Audio and Video resources: you can have access to millions of high-quality songs, music, library, audio materials, and video resources. At the sound of your voice, you can play music, choose a song, select a film, tune to FM radio, or access audio news.

5. Image recognition: DuerOS can help you find answers to your questions, identify a specific type of flower in your photo, or identify which celebrity is starring in a show on television. Using face recognition, the robot can be switched to different modes to provide more personalized services.

These smart functions will create a more intelligent, understanding, and reliable robot that caters to your needs. Let “it” become your friend and help you and your family manage your busy life.


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