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DuerOS intelligent toy solution provides 2-8 years-old children with voice interaction capability support for toys, including children's stories, nursery rhymes, lower level English, and early education. Supported by the powerful AI capability of Baidu, it can create a user portrait, mapping the child’s knowledge domain, and early education capabilities.

The intelligent toy is a lightweight device solution with low cost and consumption, and it can help manufacturers of equipment and module to access DuerOS rapidly, iterate products more quickly, and improve the product experience of a toy. It concentrates on following three functions:

1. High-quality contentsfor children: DuerOS integrates massive high-quality audio and video resources for children, including nursery rhymes, children's stories, and children’s radio, which are presented to children through flexible voice search,to meet children's learning and entertainment demands.

2. Early education resources for children: DuerOS works closely with academic institutions to provide high-quality contents for early education, and provide access to English learning, classic Chinese national culture as well as   interactive intelligence stories, poetry readings, riddle guessing, and other characteristic functions,that will help children as they grow and learn.

3. Information acquisition: the intelligent toy solution gives full access to the informational advantages of DuerOS, so users can easily receive information on weather, time, parenting, translation, encyclopedia, and alarm clocks, to fulfill various requests immediately.

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