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The DuerOS Smart Speaker solution is a customized voice solution for audio output devices with or without a screen. This customized solution manual will focus on providing users with four major categories of functions.

1. Massive content resources: by connecting to DuerOS, users can find numerous high-quality songs, voice search and play, personalized music playlists, listen to audio news and FM channel seeking, etc.

2. Voice search mode: use voice to conduct daily search of information and achieve multi-turn interactions. The scenarios are applicable to time, weather, road conditions, knowledge, audio, video, and entertainment.

3. Speech control: the DuerOS embedded smart speaker can free your hands at home, enabling you to use voice to control other DuerOS embedded smart appliances and devices, such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, light switches, etc.

4. Lifestyle management functions: provides weather forecast, road conditions status, schedule reminder, taxi booking, take-out and others through voice command.

A smart speaker equipped with DuerOS can allow users to easily obtain entertainment information and makes it more convenient for users to interact with the smart product. In parallel, it can help lower the development threshold of AI technology and rapidly popularize smart products.

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