DuerOS —— Conversational AI Platform
DuerOS is a conversational AI system developed by Baidu's Duer Business Uni.
DuerOS is one of the leading applications of Baidu's world-class AI technology. Built on Baidu's large ecosystem of information and services, DuerOS delivers comprehensive solutions by allowing users to command and converse with their devices using natural language. As an open operating system, DuerOS also automatically learns at any given time to enable any machine to master human language.
DuerOS intelligent chips have low production costs
reduce power dissipation, and are highly integrated. DuerOS is a versatile AI conversational system, and the intelligent chips can be integrated with any smart product including intelligent toys, Bluetooth speakers, small-home appliances, and more. It greatly lowers barriers for partners to use conversational AI system.
DuerOS partners with various industries
to incorporate artificial intelligence technology into people's everyday lives. With the advancement of AI technology, conversational systems like DuerOS can make it more convenient for people to obtain information and enjoy the benefits of technology.
Technical Advantages

Baidu began investing in  AI at a very early stage and has recruited top talent from around the world. It possesses unique advantages in the three key factors that drive today's AI revolution : algorithms, computing, and data. Baidu's algorithms are built on top of ultra-large-scale neural networks, trillions of parameters, and hundreds of billions samples. Baidu's computing power stems from  hundreds of thousands of servers and the largest high performance GPU cluster in China. As the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu has access to more than a trillion webpages, billions of search queries, images, video content, and positioning data. DuerOS synthesizes the best of Baidu technologies -- speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, user profile, and other advanced technical skills -- to create one of the most advanced conversational computing platforms available today.  

The three key factors and four functions of AI
Functionality Overview

DuerOS is integrated with Baidu's information and services ecosystem and has developed over 200 functional skillsets  across 10 major categories . Users can control and command the devices with the sound of their voice to inquire information,  ask for directions, create reminders, and more. DuerOS also supports third-party integration development, and Baidu currently has the largest partner ecosystem using the system. The open platform of DuerOS produces  a system that allows our partners to  build varying skillsets that can be applied to any given situation. DuerOS is building a new world of endless possibilities.