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DuerOS smart wearable device solution is a customized voice solution that applies to wearable devices such as smart watches, smart bracelets, and smart headphones.

It can provide solutions to the problems that many smart wearable devices encounter, including incomplete access to data, inaccurate speech recognition, the inability to complete assigned task, and more . DuerOS provides solutions for the following five functions:

1. Application control: wearable devices integrated with DuerOS not only can control the device but also other smart appliances and portable devices such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners and lamp switches that are equipped with DuerOS.

2. Intelligent reminder: multi-dimensional smart reminders can be given based on different demands, such as car plate restriction notification, weather forecasts, and more . For example, users will be advised to bring a jacket when temperatures are lower than 60 F. In the event case of traffic, users will be notified at least 30 minutes in advance of their scheduled departure.

3. Information search: various commands will be instantly provided with proper information via voice interaction, such as weather forecasts, flight schedules, recipes , exchange rates, and more . Hundreds of millions of Chinese websites are searched to provide reliable and accurate information.

4. Entertainment resources: equipping your smart wearable with the DuerOS assistant means that you gain access to numerous high-quality songs, audio materials, and video resources. You can ask your assistant to play music, choose a song, select a film, turn on FM radio or audio news, etc.

5. Service resources: users can find nearby restaurants , order a taxi, purchase cinema tickets, and order take-out simply by asking the device.

These functions allow the wearable assistant to be your secretary and help you manage your busy life. It can also help partners lower the threshold for AI development and share technological achievements with more users.


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